Tagliani looking for a ride

Despite the hard season Alex Tagliani just lived in the Champcar World Series, he is now actively looking for a ride for next year.

In an interview given to Geneviève Trudeau Senécal, Tagliani stated he's in some serious talks for a seat which could be a major turnover in his career.

Alex said in the interview he is still confident in his talent after the 2007 campaign debut with Justin Wilson as a teammate (which later split when Rocketsports and RuSport unjoined their forces) and that he'd like to keep the same car number, crew and livery for a couple of years, implying that stability is the key to success in such a competitive series.

He also said sponsorship deals in Champcar are somewhat problematic now as the latest move to the Panoz chassis reduced dramatically the costs to run as season, so the teams are asking for a lot less money to become a major sponsor on a car (around 500 000$ instead of a few millions like in the past) but sponsors given such low figures think the series is loosing in value.

If nothing materializes for him in Champcar, Alex still has an ace up his sleeve as he has almost a done deal to run 5 NASCAR Canadian Tire Series races in 2008 (the 3 Champcar races plus Trois-Rivieres and Montreal)