Pelletier does not make it through lap one at Valencia

Hopes were high for young Maxime Pelletier as he approached the BMW World Final at Valencia but the week-end was a big disappointment. After struggling through the first days, Pelletier's car was getting better and he expected to climb back through the field from his 8th row starting spot on a grid of 35 cars for the finale. Unfortunately, Pelletier's race did not go beyond turn one as we was hit by his follow driver from the American series Alexander Rossi.

Pelletier was quite angry at Rossi after the race : "Rossi repeated a scenario he played often this season in America, which means having a great start and trying to gain 10 positions in the first lap. He hits cars and was even penalized by the stewards. He did the same in Spain and I was the victim".

Pelletier is now looking forward to a break for the holiday season before looking at their opportunities for 2008, either in F3 or FBMW Euro.