Maxime Pelletier at the BMW World Final

More than two months after the last race of the Formula-BMW USA season, 17 year old Maxime Pelletier is getting on a plane this Friday to the BMW World Final held in Valencia, Spain on the week-end of November 25th.

Interviewed this week about his trip to Europe, Pelletier aknowldeged he was a bit disapointed by his second season in FBMW where he hoped to fight for the title (in the end, he finished 4th in the standings). But, considering he switched teams after the second race of the season, he's still happy with what he accomplished.

Pelletier puts great hopes in this World Final event. As the drivers from all 4 FBMW championships (USA, UK, ADAC and Asia) will be on site, so will lots of recruiting personel from European F3 teams. Pelletier hopes to sign a contract with such a team to get closer to his goal of driving in the Formula 1 championship. To put icing on the cake, the winner of next week confrontation will get the chance to test drive a Formula 1 car.