Spengler unhappy with Audi's tactics at Hockenheim

In an interview after the DTM finale at Hockenheim, Bruno Spengler told Autosport he was more than unhappy with the tactics Audi employed against him during the race: "It's a shame that they left a car out until it ran out of fuel. They played team to prevent me from getting to the front to win the championship" Spengler said. He estimated the time lost behind Rockenfeller at more than 6 seconds on the track.

Despite accusations from Audi in the previous race, Spengler says Mercedes always played fair : "We fought so hard, but the fairness was not the same on both sides in the end. We played for the sport, they played for the team, like they did the whole season"

"When Paul di Resta (Mercedes driver) was in front of Ekström (Audi driver) they called him in. He could have blocked but Mercedes didn't do that for the sake of the sport. Unfortunately the result is not what it should be, but you can't change it. It was a difficult year, but we drove fair the whole season."