Marc-Antoine Camirand in Rolex at Miller Motorsport Park

Building a race car from the ground up in 45 days? It's the challenge Spirit of Daytona just completed prior to this week's Rolex race at Miller Motorosport Park. St-Leonard d'Aston native Marc-Antoine Camirand was part of the process and will be behind the wheel this week-end along with Guy Cosmo and Doug Goad. "I've driven the car a dozen times to set it up but it was now time to compare ourselves to other cars and see where we stand" Camirand said. He then added : "We won't be on pole at Miller this week-end but will get ready for next season and the 24 hours of Daytona. My deal with the team includes this race and 6 more next year [ ... ] I'm really happy to be racing again. I did a lot of private testing with this team but I was beginning to miss the real racing"